ACP organizes reception of Poet Razi Gilani’s Book


Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Talk Show Committee organized a reception for the book “Kale Nahanak” by Razi Haider Gilani, a Pakistani poet based in Germany, at Gul Rung Hall.

Razi Haider Gilani, Dr. Salman Sarwat, Shakeel Khan, and Anjum Chandna spoke while Abbas Mumtaz performed the duties of the moderator. On this occasion, Faras Rizvi in his presidential address said that capitalism is the enemy of creation, there is a treasure of knowledge in Razi Haider’s book, and the problems arising from wars are present in his poems. I have written that we run away from it, the style of his poems is very powerful, he is a great poet, I was surprised to read his poems that even today there are poets who can choose such topics, I salute his courage.

Dr. Alia Imam while talking said that the presence of Razi Haider Gilani among us is an example of love. Razi Haider is a mature poet. Dr. Salman Sarwat said that he was pleasantly surprised to read his poems.

His poems are very different. Chairman of the Talk Show Committee. Shakeel Khan said that you are the real color in the Arts Council and your role in the fields of books, painting, music, and art is commendable. Cooperation with you will continue forever under the
direction of President Muhammad Ahmad Shah.

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