ACP celebrates 90th birthday of famous novelist Asad M. Khan



Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized the 90th birthday celebration of a renowned fiction writer, dramatist, and poet Asad Muhammad Khan at Hasina Moin Hall.

Arts council president Muhammad Ahmed shah, Zahra Nigah, Iqbal Latif, Shahid Rasaam, and renowned writer and poet Iftikhar Arif expressed their views online from Islamabad.

Iftikhar Arif expressed his view and said that thanks to the Arts Council and the President of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah for organizing the celebration of Asad Muhammad Khan’s birthday. When I joined Radio Pakistan, I met Asad Bhai.  His voice used to be very melodious. It was through his poem that I was introduced to Asad Bhai. Few people know that Asad Bhai writes very fast.

Asad Bhai never said anything that could be doubted that he was describing his greatness. Asad Bhai wrote many memorable plays. Asad Bhai wrote every sentence, every scene himself. Good poems and writings justify themselves. He always answered very politely.

He never said anything against. Anyone .Zahra nigah said that I don’t said that I know Asad Muhammad Khan. In the beginning, I did not have any special relationship with Asad Muhammad Khan. When I read his story, I thought that such a good writer.

More stories should be read. He also showed good qualities in writing songs. On this occasion, the President of the Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that today is a very happy day for us. The stories, novels, dramas, and songs written by Muhammad Khan have become immortal. It is our good fortune that Asad Muhammad Khan is among us.

Some writers are bigger than humans. It is a treasure for us to have them. We wish to celebrate his 100th birthday as well. Expressing his thoughts Mubeen Mirza said that this gathering belongs to the few people whose names should be taken individually. Because they represent our literature.

In the gathering where Zahra Nigah Apa, and Iftikhar Arif, are present, it doesn’t matter if small names are not taken.

Among the people we started reading, in the beginning, is Asad Bhai Thanks to Badshah Salamat of the Arts Council for providing an opportunity to celebrate the happy moments of his writer. Iqbal Latif expressed his opinion and said that in nineteen eighty a relationship was established between me and Asad Muhammad Khan.

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