Absolutely not | By Abdul Basit Alvi


Absolutely not

WHAT has Pakistan done for us? Why was Pakistan made?Our country is not good.What Army done for us?Why Army done this?

These are a few among several such kinds of questions which are raised and discussed among a group of few frustrated or angry people.

Whenever they see anything wrong their figures and tongues rise towards the country and army. The love and respect for religion is obligatory for every Muslim.

After religion comes the turn of love for the country and in Islam love for country has also been given a special status.

Observance of the country’s constitution and laws is also mandatory for every citizen and it is an important aspect of any civilized society.

The defence forces are responsible for protecting the borders of the country. The Pakistan Army is one of the best forces in the world.

Due to the patriotism, professionalism and endless sacrifices of our brave sons and daughters, no one can dare to look at our beloved country with evil eyes.

The brave soldiers who sacrifice their sleep for our comfort and peace are undoubtedly our heroes.

The soldiers of the army, navy and air forces who fearlessly protect our longest and most difficult borders are brave and respected sons of our soil.

Our military intelligence agency is also one of the best agencies in the world and it is a big threat for our enemies.

Pakistan Army has rendered valuable services on the internal fronts as well. Nation is thankful for the efforts and sacrifices of the Pakistan Army due to which terrorism and extremism are being eradicated and the situation is rapidly improving.

Pak Army has always been in the forefront in dealing with natural disasters and helping the affectees.

The valuable services of our Army in security of our national assets, peace and law & order, health, education, infrastructure building and other sectors cannot be denied.

Smooth conduct of census and elections etc, are impossible without the participation and selfless support of the Army.

Undoubtedly, Pak Army is the only ray of hope in such a country which is in the grip of terrorism.

Readers, no one can deny the importance of the freedom of expression in a civilized society but often it is taken in a wrong sense.

Freedom of expression should be ensured in public-related issues and problems while ensuring to avoid false accusations.

It is an irony that in Pakistan religion, country and defence forces are targeted in the name of freedom of expression and the trend is prevailing, propagating and spreading, especially through social media.

It is quite surprising that the so-called intellectuals remain silent on the public issues like corruption, inflation, unemployment etc. , but keep pointing their guns towards religion, country and defence forces.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Muzaffarabad.