Abdul Qadir’s family has rejected the offer of condolences from former cricket team captain and Primer Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

The leg-spinner and Imran Khan represented Pakistan together for a number of years before the former cricketer passed away in Lahore in 2019 due to cardiac arrest.

Imran, then the sitting Prime Minister, reportedly did not get to visit his family upon his demise.

Sulaman Qadir, his son, in a video message recently claimed that they were invited by Imran Khan to condole his father’s death at Zaman Park but confirmed that Abdul Qadir’s family had declined the request.

“Our father passed away three-and-a-half years ago and whoever wants to offer condolences, they can come to your house,” he said.

“My family and mother did not find it appropriate to visit Zaman Park or any other place to offer Fatiha for our father. This is why we didn’t go.”

Given the customs in Pakistan, they are within their rights to decline the former captain’s request.

Qadir, considered to be one of the finest cricketers ever, shared a dressing room with Imran khan until 1993.

The spin wizard has been added to the ICC’s Hall of Fame as well as PCB’s Hall of Fame which shows the impact he has had on the game. Shane Warne, Danish Kaneria, Mushtaq Ahmed and many others around the globe modelled their bowling after Qadir.

Qadir finished his illustrious career with 236 wickets in 67 Test matches and 132 wickets in 104 ODIs.