A Punjabi song can help you learn Covid-19 SOPs


A community of young boys from Chishtian have placed their own twist on Noor Jehan’s Punjabi song “Mahi Ve,” turning it into a catchy reminder to follow coronavirus prevention precautions in the face of a deadly new surge.

Pakistan’s cases have steadily increased, staying above 5,000 since April 17, whereas death rate has been ranging between 73 and 157, meaning that the virus has evolved into more infectious and lethal type.

The situation, on the other hand, did not suddenly deteriorate. It’s been concerning since the beginning of the year, with at least 1,000 new cases being reported every day.

In the midst of an exceedingly worrying scenario in which citizens, rather than becoming more cautious, are being extremely casual, the government and media have collaborated to inform the public about the value of faithfully adhering to safety steps

At such a moment, the three boys’ parody track of this Punjabi song, which cleverly turns an established melody beloved by people across the country into a pleasant reminder, may help to make things better.

According to the video synopsis, it was published in December and was sung by “Ramzan jani.”


Mahi Ve Hath Dho ke Aaween

(O friend, wash your hands before you come)

Khud noon corona tu bachaween

(Protect yourself from coronavirus)

Sohnay sajnon kerlo corona da khayal ay

(Dear friends, be wary of coronavirus)

Hath tu milaana veen nahi

(Don’t shake hands)

Jhappi tu vee paani nahi

(And don’t hug anyone)

Pareen pareen rahi tu dholna

(Keep a distance from everyone)

Nachna tu maari nerhay

(Don’t dance too close together)

Khangi na tu kissay uttay

(And don’t cough in anyone’s direction)

Mukhray te mask paa lena

(Cover your face with a mask)

Mahi tu gharon bahir na jaaveen

(Don’t step out of your homes)

Yaraan na ghar tu na bulaveen

(And don’t call your friends to yours)

The people, on the other hand, were not the first to offer the song a new twist. In reality, the parody can be traced back to an older gentleman who posted a video on March 31, 2020, a year earlier.

The original song was sung by Madam Noor Jahan.

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