‘A first step towards eCommerce’ – Facebook launches Marketplace in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD – Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood announced on Friday that widely popular social media platform, Facebook, has launched its online service Marketplace for Pakistan, a move that will encourage small entrepreneurs.

This is the second major entry into the Pakistani market by an international organization after Amazon opened its doors for the South Asian country earlier this year.

The feature will let Facebook users, discover, buy and sell items with people in their community.

Dawood in a couple of tweet said, “I am happy to see that, after @amazon, @Facebook has recently launched market place for Pakistan, it will encourage small entrepreneurs to sell online. Such opportunities during COVID-19 could be a lifeline for micro enterprises”.

He hoped that the entry of Facebook will also be helpful for women entrepreneurs, who want to engage in market activity by buying and selling in the community of friends, family and networks.

“A first step towards eCommerce,” he concluded.

Read more: https://pakobserver.net/pakistans-inclusion-in-amazons-sellers-list-to-boost-countrys-exports-president/

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