A dramatic win for England


WORLD Cup 2019 ended with the most interesting and nerve shredding final between England and New Zealand. In a dramatic way, England won the World Cup for the first time but it was the game that will be remembered by the cricketing fans and gurus for a long time to come.
The people would not have enjoyed such a final ever before. It indeed was the game at its best with nerves running high not only of those playing in the ground but also the cricket fans. Anyway as the World Cup is over, it is time for the International Cricket Council to review some of its rules for a better future of the game. World Cup is held every four years and it is a lifetime opportunity for many players. Therefore, the current format in which one team played against all the other contesting teams is something that the ICC should persist with. However, there is need to bring improvement in some other areas. Such as instead of Super Over, there should be a Super Game of three to five years if a match ties in such a mega contest. There may be a super over in case the match ties after this Super Game. In fact this will leave with little probability of a tie, and even if the match ties after the Super Over, then both the teams should be declared the winner in case it is the final of a mega event. Declaring a team winner on the basis of mere hitting more boundaries as has happened in the final between England and New Zealand is something that is not digestible for the cricketing fans. This time, many of the World Cup matches were washed away by the rain. To avoid this, matches can be conducted under covers. Then there is also need to improve the standards of umpiring with more use of technology.