Power division collects record additional Rs19.95b revenue in July


The power division broke all past records and revenue witnessed an increase of additional Rs19.95billion, 1.46 per cent reduction in line losses and three per cent more electricity provision to the consumers in first month of the current fiscal year 2019-20 as compare to corresponding period of last year.
According to data released by the power division on Thursday, record recovery was made besides selling more units in July 2019. A sum of Rs136 billion was collected against total billing amount of Rs156 billion during the said period. It was possible owing to hectic anti-power theft against the power pilferers, it further said.
The power distribution and generation have also witnessed improvement and additional 394 million units were provided to the consumer in July as compared to its corresponding period. As many as 13,332 million units were supplied to the consumers in July while last year 12,938 million units were provided, thus registering three per cent increase and its value stood at Rs.
21.58 billion. It reflected that not only the power distribution system was being strengthening but also power theft drive had positive effects.
Owing to administrative and technical steps taken by the power division to bring improvement in the entire sector, 1.46 per cent reduction was recorded in the line losses during July.As many as 5,146 cases of power theft were sent to police for registering first investigation reports (FIRs) and 1847 FIRs had been registered so far.—INP