73pc decrease in road accidents reported


Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


In the year 2020, 73% reduction in traffic accidents was reported with decrease in 71 % of deaths due to traffic accidents and injuries recorded 81% reductions in Hazara Division claims DIG Hazara Qazi Jamil Ur Rehman. 18,890 challan were booked for over speeding, 4,997 vehicles were booked for unfit vehicles and 30,524 challan were recorded for overloading in Hazara Range.
According to Data released by the DIG office, Qazi Jamil Ur Rehman who has been posted at Islamabad as IG has said that besides other areas, special campaign in Hazara Division was launched by the traffic police under the motto of “Hamara Azam, Mehmfooz Safar” was fully implemented by all the 8 DPO’s in full spirit specially monitored by the DIG Hazara which has given positive results.
DIG Qazi Jamil ur Rehman police is bound to provide safety and security to the citizens and will take all necessary preventive measures in every department of life especially in traffic violations and providing commuters for the safe.

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