73-year-old food delivery boy



City Reporter

In a sheer example of hard work, a 73-year-old resident of Islamabad, has started working as a food delivery boy due to domestic circumstances.

Fayyaz Akhtar Faizi, 73-year-old, has served in the Ministry of Finance for 27 years, but failing to meet the family’s expenses with pension of Rs.25,000, he started working at such an old age.

Talking to media, Fayyaz Akhtar said that he has worked in the Ministry of Finance for 27 years and now he is retired and with the amount he got after retirement he opened a mobile shop for his son during the first wave of the coronavirus but things did not work, because the markets were closed due to the epidemic, he maintained.

He said that due to the closure of markets, all the accumulated capital was spent and I became indebted.

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