70 years of diplomatic ties to be celebrated in 2022: Japan’s deputy CG

Staff Report

Deputy Consul General of Japan MrAshidaNoorihas said there will be exchange of cultural delegations in 2022 on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Pakistan-Japan diplomatic relations.

He said he has not been able to participate in diplomatic and social activities for two years due to the pandemic, butbefore that, he used to attend an event almost every week.

The deputy CG was addressing a dinner given in his honoUr by Diplomatic Forum for Socio Economic Foundation,

Sindh Economic Zone Management Company CEO Abdul AzeemAqeeli and Thara Foundation President AamirThara.

The diplomat said that Japan-Pakistan relations were established in 1952.
Referring to trade activities, he there is a great demand for Pakistani mangoes in Japanwhich is sold at Rs. 100 per kg in Pakistan but is available at Rs. 1000 per kg in Japan.

Addressing the function, Abdul AzeemAqeeli, CEO, Sindh Economic Zones, said that there is a great opportunity for investors to invest in 7 economic zones. Income tax for ten years.

He said that 110 companies would start operations in these economic zones in January next year. He said that infrastructure worth billions of rupees was being completed in the economic zones.

AamirThara said that the friendly relations between Pakistan and Japan are ideal. These relations have gone beyond the countries and reached the level of the people.

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