7 witnesses turn hostile in attack case against Zulfiqar Mirza


The witnesses in the hearing of two cases against former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza and others, failed to identify the accused.


During the hearing at an Anti-Terrorism Court here, seven witnesses claimed that the police took statements from them under the duress. “Do you identify the accused,” the public prosecutor asked prosecution witnesses. “We don’t know them,” all seven eyewitnesses denied identifying Zulfiqar Mirza and other accused in their statements.


Zulfiqar Mirza has been charged of storming Model Police Station in Badin along with his supporters in an incident in May 2015.He allegedly manhandled security personnel at the police station for trying to arrest and registering an FIR against his close aide.“We are workers and were working in the Bazaar in Badin,” they said.


“You told the police about the attack,” the prosecutor asked. “We didn’t say anything or given any statement. The police took our signatures forcefully,” witnesses said.


“Some people made arson attacks in the market place, but not the accused present in the courtroom,” witnesses stated. A police official Tariq has also failed to identify Mirza and other accused.