6-day JI Karachi Rights referendum concludes


The “Karachi Rights Referendum” conducted from October 16 to 21 under Jamaat-e-Islami completed on Thursday. A large number of men and women belonging to different walks of life cast their votes in the referendum and expressed their views. The referendum was attended by millions of people from various walks of life, including lawyers, journalists, poets and writers, businessmen, industrialists, scholars, teachers, doctors, engineers, students, workers and the minority community. The process of online voting in the referendum was also taken over. Ballot boxes from all districts were delivered to the Central Referendum Camp at Idara Noorul-e-Haq. Counting is underway at the main camp to finalize the results. There is a lot of excitement and excitement at the camp. The process of compiling the results is being carried out under the supervision of the Chairman Referendum Commission, former Attorney General Justice (retd) Anwar Mansoor Khan and other officials and members. 600 referendum booths for men and women were set up in different parts of the city where citizens expressed their views. Citizens appreciated Jamaat-e-Islami’s Referendum for Karachi’s Rights, calling it spokesman of public emotions. Jamaat-e-Islami women’s wing also took part in the referendum On the last day of the Karachi referendum, various delegations, dignitaries and people associated with print and electronic media met Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman at the Central Referendum Camp at Noor-e-Haq and cast their votes in the Karachi referendum.

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