5th generation warfare implications dire, serious


Speakers at a programme on the Fifth Generation Warfare organized for students of different universities in Islamabad said that the enemy is trying to create chaos in ranks and files by targeting our minds through hybrid generation warfare. The programme was organized by the Youth Council Pakistan. The speakers including Hurriyat-AJK leaders, civil society activists and intellectuals said that it would not be wrong to say that at this time Pakistan is once again under the influence of the fifth generation war.

Earlier, during the war time, they said, the target of the enemy used to be the army of a country, but now the target of the enemy is not the forces of a country, but directly the people, and goals are achieved by controlling their thinking and understanding abilities. In fifth generation war, the real facts are completely distorted, differences are exaggerated, lies and truth are mixed and poured into people’s minds, the speakers said.

The speakers said that in the fifth generation war, the enemy uses soft powers like lobbying, propaganda, proxy, diplomacy, TV, radio, newspaper, social media instead of their planes, tanks and missiles. They said that the war is not fought on the ground but in the minds. They maintained that the fifth generation warfare is actually a war of ideas, culture and information. The objectives of this war are very dangerous and horrible, they added.

The speakers said that under the influence of fifth generation warfare, a citizen is forced to think that the state and state institutions are not worthy of trust. They pointed out that the alarming report of the European Union on the Disinfo Lab has shaken the world.