57,369 Covid-19 shots administered

Staff Reporter

Since Rawalpindi Health Authority initiated its Covid-19 vaccination campaign on March 10, around 57,369 people have been jabbed in the district, District Health Coordinator for Coronavirus vaccination Dr Jawad Zahid said Saturday.

Talking to media, he informed that 14,859 health workers including 42,510 people with senior citizens have received free of cost shots at 24 government vaccination centres of the district.

He informed that the district health authority has registered a total of 21,882 positive cases to date out of which 20,170 belonged to Rawalpindi and 1712 to others district.

Dr Jawad said that 18,646 patients having positive results were discharged after recovery while 5149 including 2937 were quarantined at homes and 2212 in isolation.

The health officer told that 117 more confirmed cases were reported during the last 24 hours including 105 of Rawalpindi and 12 from outside the district.