4,38,55280 calls received, 43, 25938 cases generated by rescue


Punjab Safe Cities Authority has issued annual Performance statistics for 2021. The 15 Emergency Helpline received 4, 38, 55280 calls, out of which 2, 75, 87925 calls were considered hoaxes/ irrelevant and 43, 25938 calls, with genuine concerns, and the dispatch control center generated cases for further action. 14, 11872 calls received sought information, consultancy and 1, 16160 calls for traffic management & city traffic police help. Electronic Data Analysis center provided 5561 audio & video electronic evidence to police investigation officers.

Authority’s Operations Monitoring Center state of the art CCTV Surveillance Operations through the geo-strategic grid of cameras within the metropolis and reported 57, 079 suspected observations to Lahore police.

The PSCA Lost and Found center set its mark high this year thereby contributing to the recovery of 134 missing persons, 2377 motorbikes, 41 cars, and 45 auto-rickshaws through its. The Media Monitoring Center reported 4254 social media pages to LEAs.

Moreover, MMC, PSCA WebTV, and Radio Safe city 88.6 continued their campaign regarding road safety, E-Challan, efficient use of 15 emergency helpline, and other issues on official social media pages, radio, and web TV. PSCA introduced 8815 SMS System to E-Challan defaulters.

PSCA also played a pivotal role in securing religious rituals such as Urs of Syed Ali Hajvery and Chehlum congregations. PSCA is determined to extend its services and cooperation with LEAs, and all others in need, whenever required. Citizens are requested to contact 15 helplines in case of any emergency or to report illegal activity in the city.

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