4% GDP & highest reserves achievements of PM


Economic turnaround speaks volumes of govt polices: Aleem

Staff Reporter

Punjab Senior and Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan on Monday said that the country’s GDP growth rate of 4% and rise in financial reserves to the highest level speak volumes about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s achievements on the economic front.

“International organizations like Moody’s also confirm that during last 5 years, Rs23 billion have been accumulated while for the first time in 10 years the current account balance has showed a surplus of 773 million dollars which will have a positive impact on the national economy in every way.

Taking tweeter on Monday, the senior minister highlighted economic figures coming out at the national level and said that in the last three years, IT exports have doubled and this sector has crossed the mark of 2 billion dollars.

He claimed that as compared to the last 8 years, the business-friendly environment has increased and economic ranking has enhanced significantly.

“Car sale in the country has increased by 54% while tractors and motorcycles sales have witnessed 62% and 34% boost accordingly”, the senior minister informed, adding that after 6 years, the external debt grew at the lowest rate in the current year and economic indicators in 2021 shows that the government is moving in the right direction.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that trusting in the personality of Prime Minister Imran Khan, over one billion dollars were deposited in the “Roshan Digital Accounts” by Overseas Pakistanis which is a glaring example of the government transparency.

He indicated that industry in the country is booming day by day through which employment opportunities in the private sector are flourishing.

Abdul Aleem Khan further said that in the first 10 months, the country’s exports have reached the level of 21 billion dollars and this positive change is in front of everyone for which the credit goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In his tweets, the Punjab senior minister said that despite all the challenges and threats posed by corona, the foundation has been laid for stable and sustainable development in the country which will have more positive effects in the days to come.


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