4 day course on In’t Humanitarian Law at IIUI


Staff Reporter

A four-day regional course on Islam and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) organized by the Shariah Academy of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), commenced here on Tuesday.
The Academy is organizing this course in collaboration with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which is being attended by the Islamic scholars hailing from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and all the provinces of Pakistan representing various universities.
The course contents include protection of cultural property, command responsibility: Islam & IHL perspectives, acts prohibited in war (IHL perspective), acts prohibited in war (Islamic law perspective), enforcement mechanism of IHL, relevance of Siyar & contemporary Muslim ummah and Islamic law of Siyar and curriculum of madaris and universities.
Dragana Kojic Head of Delegations (ICRC) elaborated activities of ICRC in Pakistan. She said that there are similarities in IHL and Islamic teachings on human rights and this training course would be a platform to identify those similarities. She said ICRC and Islamic organizations such as Shariah Academy have common objectives which bring both sides more closely to serve the humanity. She also told about ICRC activities amid natural calamities.
Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Rector IIUI said that Islam has given special place to humanitarian laws. He said Islam is a complete religion which has discussed all the prerogatives of humans in detail. He continued that the course was an important opportunity to find out similarities in Geneva Convention agreements and Islamic laws. Talking about the violation of human rights in Kashmir, IIUI Rector said such violations lead to carnage. He urged international fraternity to protect the rights of Kashmiris who were besieged for months. He also called upon the participants to disseminate results of the course in the Muslim societies.
Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq, DG, Shariah Academy apprised the participants about the contents and objectives of the course. He hoped the activity will further broaden the exposure of participants after detailed discussion on International and Islamic humanitarian laws.

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