3,600 hoarded wheat sacks recovered


The Punjab government on Tuesday continued its crackdown on hoarding of wheat in the province and recovered as many as 3,600 hoarded wheat sacks in Phool Nagar, an area in Punjab’s Kasur district.

In line with the government’s efforts to tighten the noose against smugglers and hoarders, the local administration of Kasur’s Phool Nagar seized 3,600 thousand hoarded wheat bags in the area.

According to the assistant commissioner so far 19,005 mounds of hoarded wheat sacks, which were shifted to the government food godowns.

In a separate action carried out by AC Phalia, last year, 8,000 wheat bags were recovered. The recovered wheat sacks were handed over to the provincial food department.

Meanwhile, Punjab has attained 85 percent of its wheat procurement target and distributed 100 percent bags among the farmers, said senior provincial minister.

Punjab’s senior minister for food Abdul Aleem Khan stated that the wheat procurement centres will remain open during the lockdown.

“Wheat procurement centres would remain closed only on the first and second day of Eid ul Fitr,” the minister said.—INP

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