‘3 Years of Naya Pakistan’ – Here’s what PTI achieved since in power


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) formed its first ever government in Centre in August 2018 by defeating major political parties – PML-N and PPP – and promised to transform the country into “Naya Pakistan”.

Now, the August 2021 marks the completion of Imran Khan-led government’s three year. With two years in hand, inflation is a major challenge for the government.

Since assuming power, the PTI government launched various projects to achieve what it had promised in its manifesto. But some plans have been marred with delays.

The government has shared some details of its performance in the past three years on twitter.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

In a bid to facilitate the masses and enable them to become homeowners, Naya Pakistan Housing Authority has completed more than 19,000 extremely low-cost housing units in three years while 45,000 housing units are under construction.

100% Utilization of PSDP

Due to the prudent and efficient initiatives taken by the Ministry of Planning and Development in last 3 years, 100% utilization of PSDP for FY 2020-21 was achieved, for the first time in last decade.

3 Years of Successful Diplomacy

“From prioritizing economic diplomacy to highlighting Kashmir cause on all Int’l fora, Flag of Pakistan witnessed an increase in its global & regional relevance in past 3 years,” said the government in a tweet.

Ehsaas Program

Ehsaas program has emerged as the largest social protection program in the history of Flag of Pakistan by benefiting almost half of the country’s population, Ehsaas Emergency Cash” has been declared as 3rd largest social protection program in the world.

Single National Curriculum

In a bid to end class-based education system, the PTI government has started implementing Single National Curriculum. The new curriculum has been introduced for all private, government and seminary students of grade 1 to 5.

Climate Change Battle

In the climate change battle, Pakistan has emerged as an inspiration to the world over the course of last 3 years. Pakistan has devised peculiar strategies to deal with the environmental challenges.

Pakistan launched a number of initiatives including a landmark “10-Billion Tree Tsunami” project that earned global acclaim.

Pakistan also hosted World Environment Day 2021 and achieved UN climate action goal 10 years ahead of deadline.

Electoral Reforms

In a bid to ensure transparent election, the ruling party has also been pushing for the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

A model of the EVM has been prepared and offered for inspection.

Just a month after the PTI came to power, overseas Pakistanis were given the opportunity to vote for the first time in Pakistan’s electoral history.

Citizen Portal

The government launched an online portal where citizens can registered their complaints against public institutions directly.

Infusion of Resources

Over the course of last 3 years, Ministry of Planning and Development ensured the infusion of resources from private sector and finalized projects worth Rs. 1 Trillion under Public Private Partnership Authority.

Roshan Digital Account

To facilitate overseas Pakistanis, the government has launched Roshan Digital Account through which they can buy a car for their beloved ones and a home.

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