3-day winter sports festival starts today


In Gilgit-Baltistan, a three day winter sports festival 2023 will begin today Tuesday in Skardu. The main events of the festival include Ice hockey, Yake race, Indus offroad rally, rafting and mayfung, lightning . Food Street will also be set up in which tra-ditional foods will be displayed. The festival will conclude on Thursday with the final ice polo competition.

Meanwhile, under the banner of Dis-trict Administration Ghanche, Shyok Winter Festival kick starts in Khaplu City Park, Ghanche. The sports compe-titions comprise of Tiaku Polo, Ice Hockey, Rock climbing, and Volley-ball. Musical and Cultural Show have bonfires, Rock Climbing, Mayfang, Balti cultural shows, and Ltanmo (Lo-cal Music & Dance).

The administration has established a tent village to host women’s expo, food festival and an organic market. Hotel Association Ghanche will pro-vide free hotel for guests to stay. The festival is organized in order to pro-mote winter tourism and winter sports in the region.—INP