25 security check posts established in Islamabad as part of ‘special security plan’

Image source: prokerala.com

Islamabad: In view of the current security situation, the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) has established 25 “temporary security check posts” at different locations in the federal capital as part of a “special security plan”.

In a statement, the ICTP Tuesday requested citizens to carry their identity documents and use excise office-issued number plates on vehicles.

“Legal action will be taken against non-specimen number plates and unregistered vehicles,” the statement read.

The statement also advised foreign nationals should carry their identity documents.

Measures under this plan also require landlords and employers to register their tenants and employees at a nearby police station or khidmat marakiz (facilitation centers).

The ICTP said that citizens who had employed unregistered local or foreign workers would also be investigated.

They appealed to citizens to inform authorities of any unusual activity on the 15-helpline.

The special security plan has come in the wake of the rise of terror incidents across the country, especially the bomb blast in Islamabad’s I-10 sector that claimed the life of a police constable and left six others injured.

On December 25, seven bomb blasts were reported in different areas of Balochistan, which killed 6 security personnel and injured many.

US, UK missions issue safety advisories for their nationals in Pakistan

The rise in terror incidents has made the US and UK embassies in Pakistan prohibit their staff from visiting Islamabad’s Marriott Hotel “due to possible attack”.