25 pediatric surgeries executed at Al-Shifa Trust


The prevalence of Glaucoma in children is increasing rapidly in Pakistan, which requires proper intervention.

This was stated by head of the Paediatric Department at Al-Shifa TrustDr SumairaAltaf on Friday.

Dr Sumairasaid that Glaucoma in children was a vision-threatening condition and was highly prevalent in our population, likely due to the high incidence of consanguinity or family marriages in Pakistan.

“Timely medication and surgical treatment can help control this disease with a good visual outcome and save many children from lifelong visual disability or blindness,” she added.

She said that Glaucoma in children had become a growing cause of concern worldwide, and millions were suffering from it in Pakistan.

Dr SumairaAltaf said that Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital provided free of cost medical and surgical treatment to 80 per cent of patients who experienced and skilled Paediatric Ophthalmologists treat. Around 22 to 25 paediatric eye surgeries were performed daily, including various types of surgeries for Glaucoma, she informed.