21 outlaws arrested in crackdown

Raza Naqvi

Attock police in their crackdown against anti-social elements have arrested as many as 21 lawbreakers besides recovering huge quantity of kits, strings and drugs from their possession.

According to a police spokesman, new airport police raided at a gambling den and arrested as many as 8 gamblers red handed. Gambling tools and bet money besides motorcycles were recovered from their possession.

Attock Khurd police arrested Mohammad Zameer and recovered one thousand kites and 50 strings rolls.

The same police arrested Ali Rehman and recovered 1030 kites and 70 strings rolls from his possession.

Moreover, Hazro police arrested Alamgir Khan, Mohammad Usman, Mohammad Nawaz and Saeed Ahmed and recovered 637 kites and 8 strings rolls during crackdown against kite sellers in the various parts of Hazro town.

The same police station officials also recovered 30 kites from Mohammad Kamran. Attock city police arrested Niamat Ullah and recovered 1.20 kilogram chars from his possession.

Attock Khurd police arrested Mohammad Ishtiaq and Mohammad Bilal and recovered 1.20 kilogram chars from their possession.

Rangoo police arrested Zakir Shah and recovered 0.6 kilogram chars from his possession. Moreover, Attock Saddar Police arrested Shoaib Ahmed and recovered 1.10 kilogram chars from his possession.

The Police spokesman also revealed that Bhattar Police arrested a proclaimed offender (PO) identified as Taimoor Butt wanted in different robbery and dacoity cases in the area and send behind bars after recovery of weapons utilized by him in various crimes.

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