21 killed, 33 wounded in Kabul mosque blast



At least 21 people were killed and 33 others were wounded in a blast targeting a mosque in PD17 of Kabul city, the Kabul security department said. The blast occurred on Wednesday evening in Sadiq Akbar mosque when many worshipers were attending. Habibuddin lost lost his father in the blast.

“It was the time for the evening prayers. He would always go to the mosque. When the sound was heard, we knew he was in the mosque. We ran and the situation was such that everyone was looking for their relatives,” he said.

“There is no security. The people who are walking around the city are not sure if they can come back home alive,” said Qassam, a relative of the victim.

Khalid Zadran, a spokesman for the Kabul security department, said that the security forces would bring the perpetrators to justice.

“After the blast, the security forces arrived in the area. An investigation is underway to arrest the criminals,” he said.

Some residents of Kabul put the number of casualties higher. The Imam of the mosque, Amir Mohammad Kabuli, was also killed in the blast.

“It was more than 100 (killed and wounded). The Imam of the mosque and many other Taliban, as well children, were martyred,” said Abdul Qudos, a witness. The blast sparked a strong reaction from a number of Afghan leaders.

Former President Hamid Karzai on Twitter condemned the blast that occurred yesterday at a mosque in PD 17 of Kabul, saying it is against human and Islamic values.

“Attacking a mosque and religious areas shows an obvious enmity with Islam and the people. It has no logical justification in any law and religion,” said Abdullah Abdullah, former chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

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