200 vulnerable families provided with basic aid in Kabul


A least 200 families who are in need were provided with food materials by two aid organizations on Saturday in the capital city of Kabul.

The aid organizations said that they will extend their aid process to other provinces as well during the holy month of Ramadan. The two aid organizations were Qamar charity committee and Silab charity committee.

“The aid process will extend to the provinces. 600 families in Kandahar and 600 families in Helmand are being considered for aid,” said Silab Ahmad Silab, head of the Silab charity committee.

The aid included flour, rice, oil and dates.

“200 families were provided with aid today and 400 others were provided with aid yesterday,” said Almas Momand, head of the Almas charity committee. “The aid will continue until the end of Ramadan.”

The people who received the donations appreciated the aid organizations’ support and called for further provision of aid to the people who are in need.

“We thank these two organizations for providing us with aid,” a vulnerable resident of Kabul said.

Afghanistan is suffering from a devastated economy amid a severe humanitarian crisis, including widespread starvation and malnourished children—which has concerned many international organizations.

The UN and other aid organizations are trying to draw donations to the country but economists believe that short term aid will not enable the Afghan economic to be revitalized. —Tolo News

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