2 week-long cleanliness drive underway


A two-week-long ‘SafaiNisfImanhai’ cleanliness drive was underway to keep the city neat and clean.

According to RWMC spokesman, the sanitation staff of RWMC had removed thousands of tonnes of garbage and rubbish from Rawalpindi city and other tehsils of the district.

He said complaints received on social media platforms were also being addressed while wide-ranging cleanliness had been carried out on the banks of Nullah Lei and adjoining areas.

The spokesman informed that the cleanliness of bus stands, graveyards, and other public places was also underway. To create awareness about cleanliness, the social mobilization and communication team of RWMC today organized an awareness camp in tehsil Gujar Khan.

The teams also distributed pamphlets about the importance and effectiveness of cleanliness and requested that citizens participate in the cleanliness campaign.

The teams appealed to the residents to keep their houses and workplaces dry and clean to avoid the breeding and growth of mosquitoes and other diseases. They urged the people to cooperate with the RWMC staff in its cleanliness drive and throw the garbage.