2 caught trying to travel with fake passports to Canada


A crackdown on two men trying to fly out of Pakistan with fake passports resulted in success when the perpetrators were caught on Friday from the airport.
According to details, a task force designated to manage such inconsistencies in air travels formulated by the national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) were up to the task where they caught the two persons trying to leave the country with fake passports.
Due to the efforts of the task force that determined the in-authenticity of the passports at Allama Iqbal International Airport, the national carrier was saved from thousands of dollars in fine.
The fine could’ve been imposed on PIA if the men had managed to travel on the fake documentation and had been caught after landing in Toronto, Canada.
Both perpetrators were detained by PIA taskforce officials and handed over to the Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) for further investigations.
Earlier on January 7, A Karachi-bound flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) suffered serious damage after a bird hit near Jinnah International Airport.