18% voter turnout in NA-133 exposed PML-N’s claims: Khawar


Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab for Information and Spokesperson Government of the Punjab Hasaan Khawar has said that only 18 percent voter turnout in NA-133 by-elections as compared to 51 percent of the previous elections shows that more than three and a half lac voters have silently as well as outrightly rejected the politics of PML-N.

“The results of this election brutally exposed the fake slogan of Lahore being the stronghold of PML-N, as the N-League candidate got 45,000 less votes than in the last election.”

Addressing a press conference here at Al-Hamra on Monday, Hasaan Khawar said that people have now realized the reality of PML-N and PPP: two identical sides of the same coin, dramatisation of political issues and theatrics.

The PML-N should understand that their maneuvers of escaping accountability and attempting to remotely control the political landscape of the country and hoping that people are yearning for their return to Pakistan is proving fatal with every passing day, he added.

Responding to a question, the spokesman of Punjab Government said that PPP was like the 12th player of the match in the by-elections.

PPP has secured more votes than was expected only due to the absence of PTI and peoples’ hatred for PML-N, he was of the view. He said that PPP should understand that it would have to deviate from the course of PML-N to do any better politically.

Commenting on the election results of NA-133, he that it was as if we had travelled back to 90s via a time machine where there are same two parties, the same allegations of rigging, the same empty promises, the lack of interest of the voters and the same frustration with the political system was visible.

It is time for PML-N and PPP to understand the verdict of the people otherwise the local bodies elections will prove to be more frightening for them.

In response to another question, Hasaan Khawar added said that the government has successfully fulfilled its responsibility by holding peaceful elections.

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