170 shopkeepers fined during city admin crackdown for overcharging



On Thursday during crackdown the City Administration 170 shopkeepers were fined with Rs nine lac twenty six thousand for overcharging the consumers, violating the officially fixed prices.

City administration has continued its campaign to enforce strictly the prices of essential food items as fixed by the commissioner Karachi with the consent of representatives of concerned whole sellers and retailers and bureau of supply and food authority and representatives of consumers during the month of holy month of Ramzan.

All Deputy Commissioners of the city remained in the field to check their selves the prices of essential food items and also supervised the activity of checking of prices being carried by the assistant commissioners concerned in their districts to ensure the availability of food items on government fixed rates

According to the report the seven districts submitted their reports to the commissioner    according to which Rs Nine lac 26 thousand was fined on 170 profiteers. One butcher from the subdivision Site was sent to jail for overcharging. The action was taken by the Assistant Commissioner Site in the presence and supervision of Deputy Commissioner keamari Mukhtar Abro.

The deputy commissioner of District Malir was reported to have imposed fines totaling Rs.41000 on 21 profiteers. In district central concerned magistrates fined Rs two lac 31 thousand on 21 profiteers.

As per report submitted by the deputy commissioner of District east 44         profiteers were fined Rs.63000.00 Officials of District West administration fined profiteers Rs. 17000.00 on 13 profiteers. The officials of keamari  imposed fine of  90000 on  17  profiteers while in  district  south 45 profiteers were fined Rs  four lac  32000 .

According to the report District south administration sent two persons from whole sale market of milk at lea Market to jail for violation of administration’s fixed prices yesterday.

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