17-year-old Afghan girl handwrites entire Quran


Malika Ayobi is a university student in Kabul who wrote out the Quran by hand. Malika Ayobi, 17, is studying at a private university and besides studying she was able to handwrite the Holy Quran after months of effort.

“I was in school in the twelfth grade when I started writing the Quran Karim and finished it in ten months,” said Malika Ayobi.

The father of Malika expressed pride in his daughter and said that Malika has a special interest in writing the Quran.

“Writing the Quran by hand is really hard and we are proud of our daughter for putting in the effort,” said Mohammad Ayobi, father of Malika Ayobi.

“Educational opportunity, learning and writing opportunities are really scarce, we face problems even finding even a sheet of paper for her to write on,” said Salahuddin Ayobi, father of Malika. Earlier, some young people took to handwriting the Quran and some of them are kept in the National Museum.

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