1,499 dengue cases confirmed in Rawalpindi division


Staff Reporter

The district health department has confirmed that 1,499 patients are diagnosed with mosquito-borne disease dengue in Rawalpindi division so far, a report forwarded to the Punjab government read.
Sources said that the district administration of Rawalpindi forwarded a detailed report to the Punjab government over the outspread of dengue fever among the citizens.
According to the report, overall 1,499 persons are confirmed with the infection of dengue virus so far, whereas, 10 cases were reported from Chakwal, 8 from Attock, 2 in Jhelum.
The report signalled spread of the mosquito-borne disease as 548 cases were reported in last week and 84 people confirmed with the virus during the last 24 hours in Rawalpindi district. At least three people were confirmed with dengue fever during the last seven day in Attock district and 2 in Jhelum and one in Chakwal as per the statistics of the report.