137 incidents of street crime in 24 hours in metropolis



Additional IG Karachi Javed Odhu presented his report to Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah on the measures taken in the past 24 hours regarding the prevention of crimes.

The Chief Minister of Sindh was told that 137 street crime incidents have been reported across the city in the last 24 hours and 68 incidents of mobile/cash theft are included in these 137 incidents.

The Sindh Chief Minister was informed that 7 car thefts, 16 motorcycle thefts and 46 thefts have been reported.

The report also said that three people were injured during the resistance, among the injured were Sahil son of Akmal (in PS Sarjani Town District West), Shahryar son of Javed (Sarjani Town, West District), Muhammad Haseeb son of Muhammad Ajmal (PS Gulshan Maymar, West District) are included.

Regarding crime control, Sindh Chief Minister was told that 8 police encounters took place, in which 9 criminals were arrested with injuries, while 20 street criminals/thieves were arrested red-handed. A total of 182 suspects were arrested, including 72 street criminals/robbers, 16 car lifters, 2 murderers, 37 for possessing illegal weapons, 20 drug dealers and suppliers, and 35 people involved in other crimes.

Regarding the recovery, the Sindh Chief Minister was told that during various operations, the police recovered 39 illegal weapons, 7 kilograms of hashish, 15 stolen mobiles, 41 stolen vehicles, including 3 cars and 38 motorcycles.