125 more diagnosed with coronavirus in RWP


As many as 125 more patients were tested positive of the fatal coronavirus during the last 24 hours in the district Rawalpindi.

Among them, 36 belonging to the Rawalpindi Can-tonment, 27 Rawal town, 28 from Potohar town,12 from Taxila, three of each from Kahutta and Chak-wal while one of each case has arrived from Sar-godha and Kallar Syeda.

According to the daily situation report issued by the District Corona Management centre on Friday, 33 coronavirus confirmed patients were admitted to six health facilities, including 12 in the Fauji Founda-tion Hospital, nine in the Institute of Urology, eight in Benazir Bhutto Hospital, two in Attock Hospital and one in the District Headquarters Hospital. The report updated that three patients were on ventilators in critical condition, nine stable and 21 on double oxygen support. Around 4,743,702 people, includ-ing 44,561 health workers, had so far been vacci-nated against the fatal disease since the start of the vaccination drive from March 10.

District Health Authority added that 38,379 patients had been discharged after recovery, out of 40,042 tested positives so far, adding 439 were quarantined, including 406 at homes and 33 in the isolation cen-tres.

In addition, the report updated that during the last 24 hours, 1,660 samples were collected, out of which 1,535 were declared negative, while the posi-tivit

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