12 brands of bottled water found unsafe for human consumption


The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has shared findings of its quarterly report according to which twelve brands (Doctor Water, MEZAN, Ab-e-Muskan, Refine, Pure Life, Ab-e-Hayat, Douro, Zimal, JEL, Safa Drinking Water, Sunlay and Aqua King) have been found unsafe.

These brands are not recommended for consumption because of the presence of higher levels of sodium ranging from 58-85 mg/L than PSQCA bottled water quality standard for Sodium (50 mg/L), a statement issued by the PCRWR said on Wednesday

One brand (i.e. Pure Nature) was found unsafe due to the presence of higher level of Arsenic i.e. 23 µg/L than PSQCA water quality standard for Arsenic (10 µg/L), it further said.

Meanwhile, two brands (Zindagi Plus and Aqua Safe) were found unsafe due to the presence of a higher level of Potassium i.e. 13-15 mg/L than PSQCA water quality standard for Potassium (10 mg/L).

Six brands (Safi, Abe-Muskan, Ice Well, Natural Water, Top Up, Aqua Star). They were found microbiologically contaminated, the report further said.

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