117 profiteers fined over Rs 0.4 million

Staff Reporter

On the directives of Commissioner Karachi Navid Ahmed Sheikh, a campaign is underway in all districts against the profiteers.

On Sunday, in all the districts of Karachi, action was taken against the sellers of food items on high prics. A total of 117 eateries were prosecuted and a fine of Rs. 13,500 was imposed.

According to the details, action was taken against 34 milk sellers, 18 fruit sellers, 13 vegetable sellers, 26 poultry sellers and 14 grocers.

Fifteen thousand rupees on food, 77 thousand rupees on 19 shopkeepers over profiteering. In Korangi, 12 profiteers were fined Rs 66,000.

Action was also taken against the shopkeepers who were responsible for the rise in prices of spices, flour and other items.

The commissioner directed all the deputy commissioners to continue the campaign against the violators.

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