115th Board of Directors meeting of LWMC held

Staff Reporter

The 115th Board of Directors meeting the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) was held at LWMC head office to review and approve certain agendas.

LWMC Chairman Amjad Ali Awan presided over the meeting. CEO LWMC Imran Ali Sultan, Additional Secretary Development Mr Shahid Zaman, Member Board of Directors Mr. Karamatullah Chaudhry, Mr. Amir Zafar Khan, Mr. Amir Saeed Rawn, Mr. Altaf Hussain Saqib followed by the all heads of department attended the meeting.

Chairman Amjad Ali Awan and CEO LWMC met the new members of the Board of Directors in an introductory meeting.

Chairman LWMC briefed all the members on important issues of LWMC and also shared the future road map.

CEO LWMC gave a brief about the progress of previous BOD meeting which includes; construction of enclosures, procurement of containers / uniforms, procurement of vehicles, 89 days workers employment, establishment of vigilance wing, branding of vehicles, Media strategy and few table agendas.

CEO LWMC also shared the quick wins of LWMC including clearance of TCP near Arfa Karim Tower and lifting of record more than 6000 tons of waste in the month of March.

Chairman BOD LWMC shared his vision to make the organization as the best waste management organization of the country.

He directed all the heads of department to make a checklist of their tasks for next 5 months and to present it before BOD.

The vison of Chairman LWMC comprises on the six month transformation objective, no visible waste, waste in waste bags, waste bin network in commercial areas, trolleys and waste pickers, public engagement through green volunteers from schools & universities, actual requirement of operational resources and identification of missing links, focus on sustainable development, resource recovery from existing waste, legacy waste, emotional engagement of workers, smart working – reduce duplication and media management.

He stated that the department should work on the safety and health of the sanitary workers as they are our real heroes and assets of the organization.

He also added Mr. Altaf Hussain Saqib in procurement committees of the BOD, LWMC to ensure transparency.