11-Party PDM gang has run away: Buzdar

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar remained in close liaison with the elected representatives for the third day in row in wake of the present political scenario.

He called on Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwer and assembly members in Islamabad and discussed the strategy of getting vote of confidence from the National Assembly.

The strategy of electing Chairman Senate was also discussed during the meeting.

Usman Buzdar said that 11-party PDM gang have run away and termed the boycott of the defeated elements from the National Assembly’s session an undemocratic approach. If this group had the courage, they would have competed.

He said that Imran Khan, through his strategy, has outclassed PDM. The rejected elements are zero in front of Imran Khan.

Incumbent government has always defeated politics of wealth with public service. Prime Minister Imran Khan exposed the corrupt politician and this corrupt mafia has no political future.

Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwer said that we all are united under the leadership Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said that Imran Khan displayed courage by taking decision of getting vote of confidence from the national assembly.

CM terms confidence vote a slap on Opposition’s face
Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has congratulated PM Imran Khan for getting the vote of confidence from National Assembly and said that the majority in National Assembly has expressed their complete confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Usman Buzdar said that the Prime Minister has got more votes than in 2018.

The chief minister, in a statement issued on Saturday, said that the Prime Minister has defeated PDM by taking brave and courageous decision of getting vote of confidence from the National Assembly and today transparency and righteousness have won again.

He termed the full confidence of members of National Assembly in Prime Minister is a slap on the face of opposition.

Those who were making tall claims of their victory are now getting no place to hide. The MNAs have threw the stance of looters and plunders into the bin. Corrupt elements instead of competing fled the field.

He said that the present government came in to power with the support of the people and will complete its tenure.

He termed the MNAs’ full confidence in PM Imran Khan a final nail in the coffin of corrupt elements.

MNAs have support the loyal leadership who believes in public service and transparency, he concluded.

The issue of making Senator Yousuf Raza Gilani Chairman Senate, in-house change in Punjab. Bilawal Bhutto mobilized to give the government more tough time.

According to PML-N sources, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will visit the house of Hamza Shahbaz Sharif on Sunday (today).

Bilawal will arrive at Shahbaz Sharif’s residence in Model Town at 12 noon.

He will come for a meeting for the first time after the release of Hamza Shahbaz. Bilawal Bhutto will also be given lunch by Hamza Shahbaz.

In the meeting between Bilawal Bhutto and Hamza Shahbaz, the Chairman Senate election will be discussed and other issues including in-house change in the anti-government movement in Punjab and the Long March.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Hamza Shahbaz will also hold a joint press conference in Model Town.