10,500 drug addicts rounded up in Afghanistan



The deputy minister of counter-narcotics said on Thursday that at least 10,500 drug addicts have been collected in 32 provinces of the country as part of their long-term campaign.

At least 5,000 drug addicts have been rounded up from the Pul-e-Sokhta area in the west of Kabul and other places in the capital city, the deputy minister of counter-narcotics, Habibullah Ahmadi said.

“At least 10,500 drug addicts have been rounded up in provinces and have been taken to rehab centers,” he said.

Ahmad, 48, who became a drug addict eight years ago, said he has been under treatment for the past seven days.

“Thank God. There is no pain now and I am fine. Thanks to these people who rounded us up. They would have died if they were not brought here,” he said.

“I must say fortunately that I have been transferred here. I am recovering a bit,” said Najibullah, a drug addict.

Officials from a 1000-bed rehabilitation center in Kabul said that so far they have admitted at least 3,000 drug addicts.

A number of Kabul residents praised the Islamic Emirate’s efforts to round up drug addicts and take them for treatment.

“The process is underway for the past many days,” said Mahdi, a taxi driver.

“When we were sitting here. They (drug addicts) would have already stolen our shoes,” said Mohammad Nabi, a vendor.

Kabul Municipality said it is considering changing the Pul-e-Sokhta area in the west of Kabul into a green area. Pul-e-Sokhta, a bridge in the west of Kabul, is a famous area for drug addicts where they live, and use drugs.

“There will be big changes in Pul-e-Sokhta. It will take a new shape to itself so that the people would feel better from it instead of negative feelings of the past,” said Nematullah Barikzai, a spokesman for Kabul Municipality.

Based on the figures of the counter-narcotics ministry, there are at least three million drug addicts across Afghanistan.—Tolo news