100s killed, injured by landmines in past year: Officials



Statistics from the Afghan Directorate for Mine Action Coordination (DMAC) show that “120 civilians are killed and injured each month” as a result of landmine explosions.

Officials gathered in Kabul today (Wednesday) to mark the International Day of Mine Awareness saying 1,016 people were killed and injured last year as a result of landmine explosions.

“On average, 120 civilians are killed or injured every month as a result of landmine explosions,” said Nooruddin Rostamkhail, head of cohesion, coordination and mine clearance.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said that Afghanistan is one of the countries most at risk from landmines.

“People’s public roads and people’s farms are affected by landmines,” said Mohammad Abbas, minister of ANDMA.

Demining organizations in Afghanistan are asking the Islamic Emirate and the international community to continue their financial assistance to these organizations.

“Most of the minefields are being addressed today. To the extent they help us, we will soon be able to get rid of this problem,” said Sharif Yaghoubi, head of a demining organization.

“If the facilities are not available to Afghanistan and such projects are not funded, then we will be in trouble and our people will suffer,” said Latifullah Hakimi, director of the Ministry of Defense.

In the meantime, those who have been victims of landmines have made demands from the Islamic Emirate.

“I lost my leg in Paktia province, but no one has helped me yet. I ask them (Islamic Emirate) to help us,” said Keimai Gul, the victim.

“I am the sole breadwinner of my family. Both of my legs are amputated, we have nothing at home and it is Ramadan,” said, the victim.

Demining agencies are currently clearing mines in more than 20 provinces, but citizens, especially in the provinces, are still suffering from landmines every month.—Tolonews

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