Traffic violation


S M Ahsan Ali

Traffic problems are common in big cities like Karachi. They also exist in cities of developed countries like New York, London, Milan, Tokyo and many others. Everyone criticize traffic situation of Karachi but nobody ever discussed the factors behind traffic problems and the system being followed. Although the implementation of the traffic laws in Pakistan is not as good as in other countries but we are also responsible for the deplorable condition of traffic; we don’t follow basics rules of traffic, we don’t care about speed limits, lanes, zebra crossings, traffic signals, and we don’t even pay attention to the traffic police.
Driving on the wrong way is also common, most of the drivers prefer to drive on a wrong way just to save some time and fuel and put their lives at risk. Many drivers daily drive their vehicles in opposite directions on u-turns, underpasses and even on flyovers. Heavy vehicles, Mini Busses and rickshaws make situation worse as they stop their vehicles at middle of roads just to get a passenger which results in accidents and many people lose their lives.
Motorcycle riders are involved in most traffic violations, most of them don’t have driving licence and don’t wear helmets. These drivers are the major cause of traffic jam, particularly those who indulge in crimes like one-wheeling on busy roads. In order to improve the situation of traffic in Karachi, we should drive responsibly and government should also empower traffic police and order them to strictly punish those who violates traffic rules.