Unsung heroes

WHILST putting their life at risk, they dare to fight with fires to avert catastrophe of different natures and magnitudes in order to save life and property of others but their heroic deeds get little recognition in the end. Especially this is true about Pakistan and this is the reason that nobody selects the profession of fire-fighting as a willing choice.
Every year Fire Fighters Day is observed across the world on May 04 with the aim to recognise and honour the services of fire fighters for safety of their communities and environment. We also join the international community in marking this day but mere as a customary event without really understanding the role being played by these fire fighters to save our lives. These fire fighters do not only sprinkle water on premises where fire erupts but they actually assess the entire situation in order to ensure safe evacuation of people and their precious belongings. In our country, where building safety codes are not observed, the task for these fearless fire fighters becomes even more challenging. Here we specifically will appreciate the services being rendered by Rescue 1122 in all the districts of Punjab province to help the people in distress and emergency. Reaching the site of accident instantly within no time has become hallmark of the service and we expect that network of the 1122 will be expanded to Tehsil level in order to further reduce its response time. Apart from providing appropriate training to them, we understand that salary and compensation packages of the personnel of emergency services should be enhanced keeping in view the life risk involved in their line of duty. As we salute fire fighters for their commitment to the call of the duty, it is also necessary that steps are taken towards implementation of building safety codes in order to avert the havoc played by some worst infernos with life and structure quite recently especially in Karachi. As the national fire safety codes have recently been notified, it is incumbent upon the government to enact necessary legislation and frame the mechanism in order to ensure the full implementation of these codes.

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