Nimrah Samad

Through the courtesy of your newspaper, I intend to invite attention of our society towards disgusting mindset they hold for the transgender community. They are criticized for their physical and psychological attributes. They are humiliated, discriminated, victimized, harassed and molested for something they have born with, which is not in there control. These souls are rejected even by their families. Most of them earn their living by singing and dancing, where as others do beggary. They are deemed unfit for jobs. Society views the transgender morally corrupt.
No steps are taken for their betterment as they are left with no choice other than singing, dancing, begging and prostitution. They are considered sex objects.
Transgenders themselves are taking initiative by building an inclusive mosque in Islamabad and getting basic knowledge for the first time in the history of Pakistan. I hope one day the perception of our society towards the transgender changes and they start treating them as human being in spite of their gender and the poor souls will be stopped getting punished for their sex-orientation.

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