Waqas Ahmed

Approximately 5000 children are diagnosed with Thalassemia-major every year in Pakistan. According to experts, Thalassemia is a major health concern in Pakistan and is most prevalent genetically transmitted blood disorder with carrier rate of five to eight percent. The experts point out that the major cause of Thalassemia is inter-family marriages. Treatment of Thalassemia is expensive; the patient needs regular blood transfusion every three to eight weeks to maintain normal haemoglobin level.
Due to regular blood transfusion however, there is a high risk of Thalassemia being exposed to blood infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Malaria. One of the possible solutions to this disease is public awareness. Media can help Pakistan reduce the preventable disease by carrier detections and avoiding in-family marriages. The issue should also be included in the high school curriculum.
— Karachi

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