Atiq Ali

Committing suicide nowadays has become a common activity, which is being practiced by several individuals in different countries. Mostly young people commit suicide, especially the students. Last year, a boy committed suicide after he flunked the entry test of LUMS University, Karachi. Recently a teenage girl committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. Whether it is committed by a young or an elder, by a male or a female, it is an act which is disliked by Allah. The question is why people commit suicide. Reasons are many but in most of the cases, it is committed under stress which includes financial difficulties.
Actually committing suicide is an extremely cowardly act. Allah, the most Exalted, has blessed you with an invaluable life to do some good for the humanity. Being Muslims, we should not even think of suicide as it invites wrath of Allah, so it must be avoided at all costs. However, our Government is also under obligation to take some benevolent steps so that people enjoy life instead of committing suicide.
—Turbat Kech

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