Faryal Jogezai
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Racism is a worldwide issue that exist in all continents and countries in different forms. The discrimination started in 3rd century while it’s still the same in 21st century. Racism exists in Pakistan as well. We also prefer fair skinned people over dark skinned people, Sunni’s and Shia have a huge conflict due to religious differences and have created biases on the basis of sects. Racist jokes are made against different castes and sects, which provokes rivalry between opposite cultures and ends up creating a huge misunderstanding.
Racism could be considered as a psychological disorder. It destroys the peace of society. Racism is a significant complex issue unless individuals change their attitude. Mostly racism arises due to psychological issues. Taking this consideration it is up to the people who can largely change beliefs and society for betterment. Just because a person lacks something, he/she can’t be a good friend or life partner, these kind of narrow beliefs are enough to kill our next generation. We ought to judge individuals by their capacities and natural talent they have, not by their hues, religion, cast or sex. We should create awareness among people to avoid racism in the society.

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