Imran’s statement

Javaid Bashir

Today Imran Khan made an intemperate statement. It shows lack of respect for others. PSL final was a great success and it ended on a positive note. The whole nation prayed for the incident-free sports event. We should be grateful to Almighty Allah for this opportunity. But Khan in his violent rage thought it better to mar the success. He has not only insulted the International player but also the intelligence of the people in general. We take strong exception to such lack of sentiment & insensitivity. He must think twice before speaking. One should not mess with sports and sentiments of the people. His impugned statement is against the norms of civility.
We can only wish some sanity should prevail in politics. Instead of appreciating the international players for making it possible to play in Lahore against all caution he has insulted them in an ugly manner. His words do not qualify to be repeated at all. They are attaching importance to his statement because we expect better from him. He must take back his statement and apologise as a sportsman. Let me record my protest over the intemperate statement of Khan. We do not appreciate such behaviour. We apologise to international players. Media should also stop repeating his statement. It has become the “talk of the town” on the Social Media. Twitter is busy posting tweets on the subject. Let be gone be by gone.

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