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If you are a frequent traveler, importer exporter or a wealthy person who like to make investments then obviously you need to get currency exchanged every now and then. There are multiple outlets where foreign currency can be bought or sold in Pakistan. If you are looking for a cheaper exchange, head out to money exchangers.

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Options for Money Exchange

At the moment there are at least 11 money exchange chains working in Pakistan with Wall Street Money Exchange Co Pvt Ltd, Dollar East Money Changer and Western Union being the most famed ones.

Banks in any country also deal with currency exchange but interbank currency conversion is a bit costly as compared to open market conversion as interest is imposed on currency exchange in banks. You should go to a bank for currency conversion if you plan on saving it in the bank to receive the interest money on it.

Available currencies

Multiple currencies can be bought or sold in Pakistan. Though you won’t get a good value for your foreign money, since Pakistani Rupee’s value is the lowest among currencies in South Asia. With recent change of government after 2018 elections though we did see the price of dollar coming down but that was short lived. Price of foreign currency keeps on soaring every day. Till now Kuwaiti Dinar is at the top of the list as the most expensive currency in the world. Then comes Bahrain Dinar followed by Omani Riyal, British Pound, Euro and US Dollar.

Latest PKR currency exchange against US Dollar $ Rates (USD), British Pound £ Rate (GBP), Saudi Riyal Rates (SAR), UAE Dirhams (AED), Canadian Dollars Rate (CAD), Australian Dollar Rate, Chinese Yuan Rates (CNY) and Euro Rates in Pakistan ( € EUR). Get Clean TT buying and Selling TT. OD (overdraft) buying of OD/T.CHQ exchange rates in Pakistan. State bank rates, NBP rates, HBL Rates, UBL rates, MCB rates and SCB Rates online for Foreign exchange.

Getting Familiar with Open Market Trade

Pakistan has relatively an open market in which investors can do trading without the constant hindrance of external factors. Open markets are the best places to promote inter country trade. Investors from around the world prefer open markets for purchase of currency to buy and sell goods and services or for general trading. One doesn’t need a permit or license to access an open market. If any country’s market has the label of open to it, it means anyone can participate in the process of investing. Open markets also include exchange of assets between banking systems of various countries.

Constraints in Currency Exchange

There are various limitations in open market trade like rising competition, by-laws imposed by governments and other cultural inhibitions. It is impossible to completely rule out these limitations when it comes to selling and purchasing of currencies in open markets. Every country has to function within the legal boundaries due to which money trading is affected a little bit because of underlying constraints. Most of the investors prefer the markets of Western Europe, Australia, Canada and United States for money exchange and investment.