Co-curricular activities

Naveed A Wassan

Co-curricular activities are practical, tangible learning opportunities that put what students learn into action. After school clubs, such as a computer, book or chess club, or teams, such as debate team or quiz bowl, can be co-curricular activities. These activities happen after or apart from school hours and give the students a chance to actively pursue a different side of their in-class curriculum. Interacting with others and taking a hands-on approach helps some students learn material they would otherwise be unable to grasp in the theoretical lessons during class.
But sorry to say nowadays our education system has become business-oriented and owners of school only collect hefty amounts from parents in the name of fee. The other day ago I asked a 9-class student, ever you take part in co-curricular activates, he counter questioned, what are co-curricular activities? That was really shocking!Really it is the dark picture of our education system which produces only narrow-minded with high grades. In the modern education system, the importance of co-curricular activates and healthy games is largely demanded. But sorry to say that most of the schools do not even have a PT period. These schools focus only on marks, percentage, rank and high fee. Co-curricular education is as important as formal education itself is. Therefore, the Government should take measures to ensure physical exercise, playing sports and healthy games shall be a part of the academic curriculum.

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