Clean Karachi

Navigating through the streets of Karachi one is instantly awed by the aura of the mega-city. The intertwined crossroads, inundated with tens of thousands of people, coupled with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the city exudes an indomitable energy that permeates through every citizen who proudly calls it home. Standing tall in this image, regrettably, is tonnes of solid waste strewn across the city like dried leaves in the Fall. The magnitude of this spread is such that it is almost virtually impossible to visualize Karachi without its massive garbage imprints.
According to some estimates Karachi’s waste production is said to have exceeded 20,000 tons per day. Most of this waste is burnt on a regular basis giving rise to highly toxic gases responsible for the breakout of severe diseases and infections such as the recent epidemic of the Chikungunya virus.
The grave concern over solid waste management is not new but perhaps with time its critical importance has slipped down the priority list of not just those in power but also of those who have been long-term inhabitants of the city. To put it simply, an air of apathy seems to have enveloped the society that looks at this matter as someone else’s business. Most efforts directed at tackling the problem have been few and far in between with little to no impact on the community mindset.

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